Old Member Cards® Expiring

Things You May Need to Know

Old cards are being disabled in the month of November.  Some old cards were not re-issued due to non-use such as: card was only used for online banking.

If you don’t have a new card, then call your branch to issue you a new card. 

If you do have a new card; however, you cannot access your online or mobile banking, you will need to update your online banking PAN # to match your new 19 digit card number. 

If this still doesn’t work, you need to delete the cookies on your computer for online banking or un-install and re-install our app for mobile banking.
Useful tips:

  • To activate the INTERAC® Flash® debit card, the card needs to be used with the CHIP feature once.
  • The INTERAC® Flash® will also need to be reset once the cumulative spending limits are reached by using the CHIP feature.
  • Flash may be deactivated by your request, contact your branch to deactivate.


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